How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) With Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) With Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries, apple vinegar has been a section of our households. Apple vinegar has carboxylic acid that has the power to kill dangerous “bad” microorganism thence acts as Associate in Nursing antibiotic, and at identical time to foster the expansion of useful “good” microorganism. allow us to scan to understand a way to use apple vinegar for bv microorganism vaginosis cure.

What is microorganism vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis causes the natural balance of each smart and dangerous microorganism gets unbalanced. The imbalance causes dangerous microorganism to extend and smart microorganism to decrease, that causes delicate infection. Healthy microorganism thrive in an exceedingly slightly acidic atmosphere. one amongst the items that may cause a pestilence of BV is that if the pH scale levels in your epithelial duct subsided acidic than they must be.

Does apple vinegar cure BV?

  • Healing compounds like K, probiotics, enzymes, carboxylic acid, etc., area unit what makes apple vinegar thus useful.
  • Acetic acid will kill dangerous microorganism and promote the building of fine microorganism.
  • It balances the pH scale levels.
  • Apple vinegar conjointly provides variety of skin connected edges.
  • Does not move with anti-biotics.
  • Apple vinegar is acidic in nature and helps increase epithelial duct acidity. dangerous microorganism cannot survive in acidic atmosphere whereas smart microorganism thrives.

How to use apple vinegar for BV

Apple vinegar is one amongst those miracle cures that's gift in most of the kitchens. it's claimed that it will cure something from hiccups to dandruff. Besides useful to cure acid reflux, lower pressure, improve polygenic disease, it conjointly aids in reducing the symptoms of BV. Below we've mentioned varied ways in which to use Apple vinegar for bv microorganism vaginosis, that would facilitate cure the matter with ease and reception.

1. Apple vinegar douche for BV

You’ll need :
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tsp of apple vinegar
  • Preparation time: two minutes.

How to do :
  • Mix 2 cups of water with one teaspoon of apple vinegar.
  • Perform the douching with this mixture.
  • It will take something from one to 2 weeks to heal.

Best time to do : before bathtub.

Repetitions : Once in an exceedingly day.

2. Apple vinegar bathtub for BV

You’ll need :
  • 100 to two hundred mil water
  • 1 cup of Apple vinegar
  • Preparation time: three minutes.

How to do :
  • Fill a clean vessel with a hundred to two hundred mil of water and add one cup of Apple vinegar.
  • Soak in it such as you would liquidate a traditional bathtub.
  • Soaking within the tub for quite twenty minutes will cause a rise in pH scale levels of your epithelial duct.

Repetitions : Daily once or double.

Best time to do : Once in morning, and before getting to bed.

3. Apple vinegar tampon for BV

You’ll need :
  • apple vinegar
  • water
  • tampon

Preparation time : three minutes.

How to do :
  • Prepare a combination of water and apple vinegar and soak a tampon in it.
  • Insert soaked tampon in your epithelial duct
  • Leave the tampon in your epithelial duct long.
  • Best time to do: Before gong to bed.

Repetitions : Repeat until symptoms disappear.

4. Drinking apple vinegar for BV

You’ll need :
  • organic apple vinegar
  • water

Preparation time : two minutes.

How to take :
  • Mix equal elements of water and apple vinegar
  • Drinking apple vinegar cocncoctions
  • Best time to drink: morning.
  • Repetitions: Consume this apple vinegar drink until bv cure.

How it works : It facilitate to keep microorganism vaginosis unfree.

Tips and precautions :
  • Always get pure and organic apple vinegar.
  • Always dilute apple vinegar before exploitation. Since the epithelial duct has delicate tissues, a powerful concentration of the vinegar will harm the tender tissues.
  • Do not do the appliance of this vinegar in your epithelial duct because it will cause Associate in Nursing imbalance of pH scale levels.

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