How To Lose Weight If Over 200 Pounds

How To Lose Weight If Over 200 Pounds

Trying to thin once you’re already over two hundred pounds is frustrating enough to bring tears. You see a journey you’ve already tried multiple times while not success.

Here’s the most effective strategy to thin if over two hundred pounds, and troubled to shed body fat.

It’s about to Take Time

When you’re 30-50 pounds overweight it’s necessary to simply accept the fact of the time investment required to induce the fat off. It took many months, and infrequently years, to accumulate that abundant excess body fat ANd it'll seemingly take an equal quantity of your time to induce it off.

When you have a goal in mind, you wish it to happen currently. you wish to check results, now. This impatience works against you, due to the time it takes for your body to adapt to new behavior and diet changes.

It will take 4-6 weeks of specific behavior to note something within the mirror. once you’re on a strict diet, travail 5 times every week, not seeing ends up in the mirror may be frustrating enough to quit.

To atone for this, you ought to not overburden yourself with new habits that you’re unlikely to continue as a result of it’s too overwhelming. Instead, ease into your new modus vivendi changes approaching your diet changes in phases.

Allowing every part to become a part of your life and daily routine over many weeks before moving to successive part can build the transition seamless and fewer of a shock.

Diet part one – Healthier Habits

Week 1-3:

This part is all concerning behavior changes that don’t cut back your total daily calories, or build substantial changes to the foods you usually eat. consider this part as “eating healthier”.

You’re not on a diet, and you’re not proscribing calories however. You’re simply making an attempt to search out all the easy, tiny changes that place you on the trail to a healthier diet.


  • once you’re consumption out, order your food while not cheese.
  • Skip the dressing on burgers and sandwiches.
  • solely use 0.5 the maximum amount butter as was common.
  • cut back or eliminate the pitcher in occasional.
  • If you’re a late night feeder, prepare a healthier snack than usual.
  • Drink additional water
  • Exercise once every week

Diet part a pair of – Diet Content Changes

Week 4-8:

After many weeks of healthier habits, you’re able to move forward with additional important changes to your diet content. You don’t ought to cut back your daily calorie total during this part, you’re simply about to specialise in content.

The main staple of a weight loss diet can continually be adding lean macromolecule and fiber, whereas removing straightforward quick digesting carbohydrates. after you integrate those 3 factors into each meal, your body can begin to retort and build changes you’re not even tuned in to.

Protein and fiber can fill you up, ensuring you don’t have hunger cravings between meals. Removing straightforward carbohyrates has multiple advantages to everybody on a diet:

  • Sugar spikes internal secretion, that influences fat storage
  • Elevated internal secretion additionally negates your ability to feel full

Remove as several quick digesting, sweet foods from your meals as doable. You’ll additionally need to exercise doubly every week for 20-30 minutes every session.

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Diet part three – Begin Calorie Restriction

Week 9-Beyond

You’ve created the easy, superficial changes and you’ve even created important content changes to each meal. this is often an honest time to start calorie restriction to start out fast fat loss over successive few weeks.

Instead of dynamical your daily calorie budget to absolutely the clean minimum, you ought to adopt a additional progressive restriction. begin by reducing your total daily calories by 200-300.

Your body can change, and you’ll before long notice many pounds have liquified away over many weeks.

Why You Stop Losing Weight

Your body has an enclosed calculator of types, and features a maintenance calorie vary it must sustain your current weight.

Example: You weigh two hundred pounds and presently eat 3000-3500 calories every day. this is often your maintenance vary. As long as you systematically dine in this calorie vary you may not gain or thin.

You decide to start out a diet and cut back your calorie vary to 2800-3300. Your body can lose many pounds, and normalize so 2800-3300 becomes your new maintenance calorie vary.

You will maintain that weight, while not gaining or losing, as long as you still eat 2800-3300 calories every day. You won’t resume your weight loss till you lower your calorie vary another 200-300 calories.

The cycle then repeats. Your body can change, lose many pounds, and normalize within the new vary. If you wish to lose additional you may have to be compelled to re-adjust your daily calorie intake.

During this calorie restriction part you’ll need to start travail 3 or fourfold every week. after you mix calorie restriction with consistent cardio exercises each week your fat loss can begin to accelerate exponentially.

Final Thoughts

Trying to thin once you’re already over two hundred pounds appears overwhelming however it’s not insurmountable. you only ought to be sensible, and set up your changes.

Set yourself up for achievement with a calculated progression of changes over many months rather than creating too several changes directly that always lead to diet failure.

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