Benefits: Aloe vera will keep your skin clear and your hair dandruff-free and soft. it's antimicrobial in nature thus it keeps your skin, hair and body freed from unwanted microorganism growth and inhibits any infection. It conjointly cleanses your abdomen and clean tummy is proportional to clear skin.

Ways to use: merely scoop out contemporary Aloe vera gel and blend it with juice. Apply it on the face and wash once twenty minutes. For Hair, apply the Aloe vera gel directly on the scalp and hair and wash once a pair of hours. you will add very little gel to heat water and consume it very first thing within the morning to stay your abdomen clean. MORE: prime ten HOME REMEDIES victimization Aloe vera


Benefits: sodium hydrogen carbonate may be a marvelous general ingredient. It cleans the scalp effectively, keeps skin clear by inhibiting microorganism growth and cleansing the pores and conjointly keeps you odour-free.

Ways to use: To exfoliate the scalp and skin, merely create a paste of sodium hydrogen carbonate victimization water and gently massage for jiffy and wash. Do constant on armpits and don't forget to spray apple vinegar once victimization sodium hydrogen carbonate to balance the pH. MORE: Best Beauty Tips victimization sodium hydrogen carbonate


Benefits: turmeric is medicinal drug and anti inflammatory in nature. It will soothe cold and cough symptoms and conjointly treat inflammatory disease and variety of skin issues. Its healing quality is wont to heal minor contemporary wounds too. It may also truthfulness aching and heal cavities overtime.

Ways to use: Drinking turmeric milk or golden milk before sleeping helps with cough and cold. For inflammatory disease and different skin issues, merely create a paste of turmeric and milk and apply it on the skin. wash once twenty minutes. To heal wounds, merely sprinkle pure turmeric powder on the contemporary wound and tie a bandage. To heal cavities and truthfulness aching, apply turmeric powder on the tooth and gums and leave it nightlong. edges and instruction of Turmeric Milk.


Benefits: Garlic offers antibiotic and antiviral edges that create medicinal drug properties create garlic an exquisite treatment for cough and cold. It conjointly soothes and heals oral thrush. If you have got aching, garlic will return to rescue because it has analgesic properties too.

Ways to use: Garlic tea will offer you relief from cough and cold, let garlic simmer in water for five minutes and consume heat once straining. Apply garlic oil on oral thrush before time of day and on the aching tooth too. MORE: GARLIC HOME REMEDIES


Benefits: Ginger is medicinal drug and anti inflammatory in nature that relieves cough and cold. It conjointly inhibits microorganism growth within the abdomen that makes an excellent medication for abdomen issues like in digestion and constipation.

Ways to use: Add ginger powder in your daily food to spice up immunity. Add it in your tea to fight cold and cough. you will conjointly merely let ginger powder simmer in water and consume heat once straining to alleviate abdomen issues. Natural flavoring remedies victimization Ginger tea.


Benefits: Honey is nice to treat variety of skin issues like skin problem, acne, dry skin, minor wounds, burns, cuts etc. because of its antimicrobial and anti inflammatory nature. It conjointly dampens the skin to heal dry patches and is also useful to hydrate and moisturize your hair and scalp. Its medicament nature soothes cold and cough symptoms.

Ways to use: To use honey for skin issues, merely apply it locally and wash once ten minutes. you'll be able to conjointly add one tablespoon honey to one mug full water and use it as a final hair rinse to scale back dandruff and add shine to your hair. combine honey with very little ginger powder and have it many times each day to urge relief from cold and cough symptoms. MORE: edges OF HONEY WATER YOU ne'er KNEW


Benefits: Lemons square measure acidic in nature that suits out skin and internal body pH and therefore is used for skin, hair and body. it's anti-microbial in nature which will be wont to treat variety of ailments.

Ways to use: place some juice in heat water and drink it within the morning on empty abdomen. you'll be able to conjointly use lemon water as face mist to stay skin clear and hair rinse to form hair shiny and forestall dandruff. MORE: Home remedies victimization lemon – discharge cramps, pharyngitis, and more


Benefits: oil may be a nice moisturizer because of essential fatty acids that lock in wetness and supply skin with nutrients.  Its antimicrobial nature will keep your skin clear and squeaking clean.  Also, it makes your hair thicker and keeps dandruff trapped.

Ways to use: Use oil to massage face often to stay it soft, clear and freed from any dry patches. Use this oil to massage your scalp and hair too and keep it nightlong. MORE: nightlong oil BEAUTY TIPS


Benefits: Onions helps promote blood circulation to the scalp and boosts production of scleroprotein necessary for brand spanking new hair growth. Its medicament nature soothes the cold and cough symptoms.

Ways to use: combine some onion juice with honey and massage your scalp with it for hair growth. Shampoo as was common once one hour. to form cold sirup, Slice AN onion and place it in a very jar; add honey to that in order that the onion slices square measure absolutely submerged. Keep it in dark for per week and drink one tablespoon of the sirup for cough and cold a pair of times each day till you see the condition rising. To cure fever, take AN onion,  and cut it into flat slices in order that they will be simply applied to the lowest of your feet. Pull on a try of socks over the onions to stay them in situ nightlong. once you come to life, take away your socks and throw out the onions. MORE: nine BEST NATURAL CURES victimization ONION


Benefits: halide in tea boosts bone and oral health. It conjointly helps in natural process organic process disorders and conjointly prevents nausea. Have grey hair? tea will stimulate hair follicles and scale back grey hair over time.

Ways to use: tea is used as a solution so as to spice up oral health. Drink it often to stay digestion operating swimmingly and conjointly create bones stronger. If you have got gray hair drawback, use tea as last hair rinse- it acts as a natural dye and conjointly makes your hair darker step by step. prime fifteen Home Remedies victimization Tea.


Benefits: Apple vinegar is acidic rather like lemons and might be wont to keep skin clear, hair and scalp healthy and is additionally a fat burner.

Way to use: Drink diluted vinegar each morning to stay your weight in restraint. Apply focused vinegar on the skin as a toner victimization plant disease to stay it clear and might be used as hair rinse to fight dandruff and balance scalp’s pH level. BEST APPLE vinegar HAIR MASK FOR stunning, CLEAN HAIR


Benefits: yoghurt is plenteous is sweet probiotic bacterium that keeps your metabolism in prime condition. The carboxylic acid in yoghurt helps fight dandruff and keep your skin clear and soft.

Ways to use: Apply yoghurt directly on your face as a mask or on your scalp and hair as a hair mask. Consume it often to stay your metabolism in prime condition. prime edges and residential REMEDIES OF yoghurt


Benefits: Mint will treat symptoms of irritable internal organ syndrome like abdomen cramps and bloating. Mint conjointly helps alleviate differing kinds of headaches, like migraines, stress-related or tension headaches. Mint conjointly helps heal inflammatory disease quicker and prevents it from coming.

Ways to use: Drink mint tea to treat symptoms of IBS and headaches. to form this tea, add one teaspoon of dried mint leaves to a cup of boiling water. cowl and steep for ten minutes. Strain and drink it. To treat inflammatory disease, apply a paste of mint leaves on the face and wash once fifteen minutes; try this till the inflammatory disease utterly dries off. Morning hospital ward tea recipes for healthy body and glowing skin.


Benefits: This herb is extremely useful for people that have polygenic disorder. It improves aldohexose tolerance and lowers glucose levels. For nursing mothers, fenugreek helps stimulate breast milk production. Fenugreek seeds and leaves each facilitate scale back inflammatory disease and refine your skin’s texture.

Ways to use: If you're diabetic or nursing mother, soak one to a pair of tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a very glass of water nightlong. consequent morning, drink the water further as chew the seeds on AN empty abdomen. try this daily. to assist with the inflammatory disease and scars, soak fenugreek seeds in water nightlong and create a paste of it in morning, apply on face and wash once twenty minutes.


Benefits: Cumin may be a in style ingredient in piece of writing for organic process issues, like abdomen pain, stomach upset, diarrhoea, and sickness. Cumin conjointly helps forestall and treat bloating.  It conjointly induces lactation.

Ways to use: Cumin water is extraordinarily useful for organic process problems- to form one add a pair of teaspoons of cumin powder to one cup water and let it simmer for five minutes. Strain and permit to chill down then drink it. For causation lactation, add one teaspoon of cumin to a glass of heat milk and consume. CUMIN WATER edges FOR HEALTH and sweetness


Benefits: Cinnamon may be a nice weight loss ingredient because it may be a fat burner. Cinnamon conjointly heals and provides relief from common colds and flus. Diabetic individuals will take pleasure in cinnamon because it lowers glucose.

Ways to use: Add cinnamon in water and let it simmer. Strain and consume dai8ly to turn.  If you have got a standard cold or cough, create a combination of lukewarm honey and one-quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and drink it doubly daily, once breakfast and before bed. often intense but common fraction teaspoon per day reduces glucose levels in people with kind a pair of polygenic disorder. Home remedies victimization Cinnamon and honey.


Benefits: gluten-free whole grain and an excellent supply of necessary vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. they're conjointly made in anti-oxidants and fibre. Besides, they conjointly facilitate keep skin clear and dampen it.

Ways to use: Have oatmeal each morning to stay your metabolism running in prime condition and conjointly to stay your weight in restraint. Since it's made in anti-oxidants and have moisturising properties, apply the paste on your face and wash once quarter-hour to stay your skin tight, clear and soft.


Benefits: vegetable oil lowers steroid alcohol, reduces high pressure level, fights inflammation within the body and aids weight loss. it's conjointly has skin and hair moisturizing properties.

Ways to use: embody vegetable oil in your daily food. Use it for cookery, in dish dressings etc. and substitute your change of state oils with this in each doable method. conjointly use it to massage face and scalp for clear skin and healthy robust hair. twenty Best edges, uses and DIYs victimization vegetable oil


Benefits: Fennel seeds will hospital ward your body and is a superb remedy for bloating, discharge cramps. it's conjointly an excellent natural breath thing.

Ways to use: create fennel water or fennel tea however stepping fennel seeds in predicament to urge eliminate bloating and discharge cramps. Chew on fennel seeds to freshen breath. Fennel water edges.


Benefits: milk soothes the abdomen, fights acidity and is helpful for variety of abdomen issues. It conjointly improves complexion and heals inflammatory disease.

Ways to use: Add mint paste to milk and consume once having a spicy food or once you feel your abdomen isn't behaving properly. you'll be able to use a plant disease to use milk on face and leave it nightlong to treat inflammatory disease and inflammation on the skin.

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