Scientists Confirm: These 10 Things Fight Cancer (#7 is illegal)

Scientists Confirm: These ten Things Fight Cancer (#7 is illegal)

If you recognize somebody United Nations agency is combating cancer, please submit this info, as a result of they solely may save another life and will represent the sole hope for survival! though cancer is taken into account a posh illness it's vital to grasp that cancer diseases are literally the expansion of cancerous cells that ends up in weakening of the system, increasing the quantity of virulent substances within the body. proof obtained from vital studies have shown that there area unit many known  and effective medicine against this illness. Here area unit some straightforward protocols that may build miracle within the treatment of cancer.

1. bicarbonate of soda

One teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and juice from one lemon, 250 milliliters of water, many times on a daily basis can with success scale back the acidity within the body. Cancer cells cannot grow in Associate in Nursing alcalescent atmosphere.

2. tetterwort

This is a perennial herb that contains the organic compound referred to as Sanguinarin. it's the capability to destroy cancer cells, and to not destroy healthy cells. It are often used orally and outwardly as a remedy for skin and alternative cancers.

3. Chagas

This is a medicative plant whose action is studied for years. it's tested that it's the capability to modulate the system and has malignant tumor properties.

4. Vitamin D

Monitoring the number of ergocalciferol within the blood and its balance will facilitate forestall cancer and facilitate fight the cancer. in a very study from 2006 it's noted that the little amounts of ergocalciferol is related to reduced survival rate of cancer patients, particularly in patients United Nations agency area unit in post biological time amount.

5. Tea potable of Essiac

The original mixture of tea is Associate in Nursing previous formula of Indian natives United Nations agency have used it many years past. A Canadian nurse learned from them the Tea formula and commenced to share it to patients fighting cancer once that the patients started implausibly fast recovery. This Tea may be a combination of many malignant tumor plants and plants that clean the body, and that’s all that's required for the patient affected by cancer. All you've got to try and do is to drink it many times on a daily basis.

6. oil and young cheese

Dr. Johanna Budwig from Federal Republic of Germany, chemist and doctor may be a girl United Nations agency came up with the natural means of treating cancer at a rate of ninety % cure, technique that she practiced for 50 years. the mix of the oil and therefore the young cheese offers the body essential fatty acids and lipoproteins that scale back tumour and restore the balance of the organism.

7. Cannabis oil– cannabis subsp. sativa var. Indica

Cannabinoids in cannabis oil kill cancerous cells. a bit like alternative seasoner preparations it doesn't destroy healthy cells. There area unit variety of studies that have confirmed the importance of the cannabis oil within the treatment of the many cancers as well as carcinoma.

8. Iodine

85 % of the individuals of the planet population have insufficient  iodine within the body. thanks to this inflated amount production of sex hormone within the body , you want to check usually the quantity of iodine within the blood. (For not permitting sex hormone to form a mutation of cells and increase the likelihood of making a cyst or tumor).


Melatonin may be a powerful matter of creation of cancer cells. Laboratory studies have shown that hormone “puts breast canser cells to sleep” and reduces their growth by seventy %. hormone conjointly prevents the negative impact of sex hormone from the food we tend to eat. (Milk, meat, fish and seafood).

10. Broccoli unbroken suckerless

This vegetable encompasses anticancer properties and has been shown that the offspring of broccoli has a hundred times a lot of supermolecule than alternative similar vegetables. They contain sulforofan that not solely kills cancer cells however conjointly reduces their growth and unfold within the body, and this action shows in several cancers.

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